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Who Am I?

Quick points

  • Born in 17/10/1997
  • Brazilian
  • Technical degree in Informatics
  • Technological degree in System Analisys and Development
  • Gamer
  • Play acoustic guitar
  • Really fond of kittens...
  • ... and pizza

Here's the photo of a kitten



Part 1

Before starting a professional career, I studied Informatics at the Technical School of Praia Grande (ETEC), a technical course that gave me a solid basis to start development.

To me, this was the place that opened my mind to technology and to use the computer as something more than just entertainment.

This is where my passion was born


Part 2

After getting the technical degree and finishing high school, I joined the College of Technology of Praia Grande (FATEC), enrolled in the System Analisys and Development course for a technological degree.

This course provided theoretical knowledge of requirements gathering, database modeling, project management, administration, communication, finances and several other disciplines.

As part of the graduation project, me and my colleague developed a plataform that allows users to book and rent board games like Monopoly, War, RPGs and much more, directly from 'hosts' that have these games and are willing to share it.

GitHub | Website

Now, let's dive into what really matters


What do I know?

Techs I have worked with

  • Delphi 7
  • SQL Server
  • C#
  • ASP.net
  • Entity Framework
  • Angular/Ionic 2+
  • HTML/Markdown
  • Firebase/Heroku
  • Circle CI
  • Jenkins
  • SonarQube
  • GitHub and GitLab
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • ZUP API Manager
  • and much more!

What Am I learning?

Techs that I'm currently trying

  • Ruby...
  • ... on Rails
  • React
  • Anything that's necessary

Quick note on Javascript

Now, before I tell you about my experiences, I would like to talk a litte about my interaction with Javascript and it's current state.

Firstly, it's an amazing language and definetely the one I have the most experience with. The 'javascript' developer role started in November of 2016, when I started writting an Ionic app for the company I was working on. Now, I say 'javascript' because the environment is much bigger than just javascript. It involves HTML, CSS, frameworks, libraries, Node, Webpack, Cordova and a lot of documentation reading.

During these two years, I learned how to use functions from ES6, ES7 and can say that I'm prepared for ES8 up to ES-whatever-comes-next. I can now understand the principles and concepts behind some frameworks, specially Angular.

I look forward to see what Javascript will become in the following years, and how it will adapt in this ever-changing ecossystem of web development.

Professional Life


I've talked a lot about experience, so let's get to it:

  • Hitec Net

    Jan/2016 - Jun/2016

    Started as Delphi 7 developer, acting on desktop apps and then moved to ASP.net MVC. Besides those, there was some database manipulation using SQL Server, for both desktop and web applications.

  • Weyes Technology Solutions | Jun/2016 - Aug/2016

    Here I developed ASP.net MVC applications and SQL using Firebird. The short period is because the project I was working came to an end.

  • Hitec Net | Oct/2016 - May/2017

    After a couple of months unemployed, I went back to my first job, this time as a full web developer. In November we started a mobile hybrid app using Ionic 2.

    It was my first contact with Angular, but we were able to develop and deploy to Google's Play Store by the end of January 2017. After the app was deployed and the success we had, another Angular web app was created.


May/2017 - Current

Avanade is a big tech company, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. Our main objective is to build high quality, scalable and maintanable applications for our clients. For this reason, I was allocated on the client, a bank that opperates worldwide.

This is a real professional landmark for me, because it meant working in a different city, in a much bigger and dynamic place from what I was used to. I was really proud of myself for getting here.

On my first project I acted as an Integration developer using IBM Integration Bus and Zup API Manager. When coupled, these tools allowed us to communicate with the Mainframe through a REST api, which was translated into SOAP request and transformed again into something that the backend could understand, without too much fuss or time wasted on creating a complex architecture.

When the team finished that project, we began to develope an Angular application, revamping the customer onboarding experience.

A couple of months later, I was moved to another team. This time, we were creating a product from scratch. Using Angular and the integration tools, we achieved the expectations and delivered a quality app.

Still on the same team, we are now close to deliver a new module of the application, meant to be used by a different public target.


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